Because We Care

Creatives are constantly thinking. We are constantly in brainstorming mode. When others are paying attention to the tiny details, we are calculating the possibilities of our next "big idea." Sometimes we seem distracted. Sometimes we seem apathetic. Sometimes we seem detached. Sometimes we seem arrogant. These are all things that could easily trick you into thinking we are working against and not "for" you. More than anyone else in the organization, we will passionately champion you. We will go the extra mile for you. We will help you become better. We will help you become your very best. 

Our methods are often counter-intuitive. When we make every attempt to blow holes in your plan, it doesn't mean we think your idea is bad. When we ask questions that make you feel threatened or inadequate, we are not trying to prove your ignorance. When we tell you why it may not work, we are not trying to break your spirit. When we get frustrated when you take the easy way out, you do not have to prove yourself to us. You do not owe us anything. We do all these things, simply because we care.